Exclusive Service From The Dealer For YOU!

Here's something that you won't read on many car dealers' websites:  Vehicles are made to break!  This is why you see an auto parts store on practically every corner.  So when it comes time to purchase a better vehicle, this fact is what makes buying that vehicle a very difficult and stressful decision.
This is why Sid and Shea offer full service at Number One Auto.  But its not just full service... it's EXCLUSIVE full service!  This means if you purchase your vehicle from Number One Auto, you gain exclusive access to our award-winning service department.

Why does Number One Auto offer exclusive service?

Because Sid and Shea want you to experience FIRST CLASS treatment.  By limiting the service to the people who purchase a vehicle here, you get an appointment much faster!  And let's face it... when you have a mechanical issue with your vehicle, you want it fixed YESTERDAY!  If you buy your next vehicle from Number One Auto, we will get you in FASTER!

Not just FASTER Service... but AFFORDABLE Service!

That's right!  It's not just FASTER service you get from us... but it's very VERY affordable service!  The labor costs of fixing a vehicle have skyrocketed in recent years, in come cases to $100 per hour and even HIGHER!  That's INSANE!  Wanna guess how much our labor rate is?  Do you think it's $80 per hour?  NOPE!  How about $60?   WRONG! 
It's only.... (drum roll).... $40 per hour!  That's 60% less than a $100/hour rate!  You could save THOUSANDS over the life of owning your vehicle!
Oh but that's not all!  We also give you FREE diagnostics and FREE state inspections for as long as you own the vehicle you purchase from us!

Why do Sid and Shea offer such CHEAP labor to their customers?

Because they want their customers to know that they have their backs if and when they do have a mechanical issue down the road.  You see, "back in the day" (as grandpa likes to say), there was this thing called CUSTOMER SERVICE.  Today, that's considered "old-fashion and outdated".
Not at Number One Auto.   To Sid and Shea, CUSTOMER SERVICE is common sense!

Just ask anyone who has purchased a vehicle from Number One Auto over the years.  They will be glad to tell you how Sid and Shea take care of their customers.  (You should also check out the "What People Are Saying" section of this website and read customer testimonials for yourself).  Even YEARS down the road, Sid and Shea are here to help!  That's why a majority of their customers come back to them again and again to purchase another vehicle.  Today, that's a very rare thing to find in any business... ESPECIALLY the CAR business!

Not just FAST and AFFORDABLE Service... but also EXPERT Service!

Sid and Shea want the absolute BEST for their customers, which is the reason they have service manager DOUG DAVIS here to help you with your mechanical and service needs.  Doug has been with Number One Auto 18 years... yes, you read that right... EIGHTEEN years!  That's five lifetimes at most places!  You won't find a more experienced and knowledgeable mechanic than Doug.  Heck, he eats, sleeps, and breathes this stuff!  He is passionate about helping people get back on the road FAST!  At his side is Pat Simmons, an outstanding up-and-coming mechanic that is learning from the best!  Together they are an unbelievable service team that is here to help you get back on the road, and even to give you FREE EXPERT ADVICE on how to maintain your vehicle to get the most out of every mile.

To schedule a service appointment, call 304-472-1101 and speak to Doug directly.  He will schedule your appointment and answer any service questions you may have!
The service department is open Monday through Friday from 9 to 12 and 1 to 4:30!