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We take great pride in helping people!  Below is the contact information for you to get in touch with us, or better yet, come and see us! 

Number One Auto Sales, Inc.
50 N. Locust Street
P.O. Box 2011
Buckhannon, WV 26201

Phone:  304-472-1101
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We don't just sell vehicles... WE HELP PEOPLE. 
We understand that bad things happen to good people.  There's no need to be embarrassed if you're struggling right now.  That's why we offer FREE EXPERT ADVICE.  You don't even have to purchase a vehicle from us.  WE ARE HERE TO HELP YOU!  Just fill in the boxes below and we will be more than happy to contact you and set up an appointment to help you get back on your feet!  It's our pleasure to help! 

Sid and Shea's Customer Promise

Sid and Shea's

Our Promise...

"KINDNESS ZONE" Buying Experience!
NOBODY is gonna BULLY you here!  Number One Auto is a "KINDNESS ZONE" and we promise not to pressure you or create stress in the buying experience.  You need to make choices and decisions in a well-informed and stress-free manner which allows you to negotiate your situation to the best of your ability.  You will be allowed to express your needs freely and we will simply make our best proposals for you to accept or deny until you get what is satisfactory for you.  It's that simple.

 E-Z Credit Approval!
We have many years of experience in financing automobiles for people just like you.  We know that bad things happen to good people and the results can often injure your credit rating.  That's why we have our NUMBER ONE CREDIT APPROVAL PROCESS and with our expertise, we can get even some of the toughest credit situations approved for a better vehicle.  No need to be embarrassed or stressed over these matters.  Just work with us and we'll connect you with the financing you deserve!  Our relationships with all sorts of lenders have been forged over many, many years and we are ready to work with you for the approval you need today!

A great Warranty!
Most used car dealers in our area offer a 30 day warranty and that's fine, but our promise to you is a free 90 Day Powertrain Warranty that covers 100% parts and labor on almost every vehicle we have in stock.  We believe our vehicles are that much better than our competitors... it really is that simple. (Extended warranties are offered as well at your choosing).

You will work with our Solutions Experts!
You deserve a better vehicle and the best financing available for you.  Our expertise is at your command and we promise to advise you to the best of our ability and ensure you get the solution you need to these problems.  Not everyone fully understands auto financing, mechanical repair, interest rates, warranty options, credit offerings and vehicle integrity, but we deal with these issues every day.  Our expertise in these areas will protect you during the buying process and we will guide you so you don't make mistakes along the way.  We help people, that's what we do!

 Free Inspections!
Our customers enjoy FREE state safety inspections for as long as they own the car they bought from Number One Auto.  Free is good but maintaining a safe and reliable vehicle is better.  We will help keep an eye out for problems your vehicle may be developing and advise you in advance when possible.  This will not only help in your safety but also keep your maintenance costs down. 

You will be appreciated as our Customer!
 To us, the fact that you are here makes you special.  We appreciate the opportunity to help you get the better vehicle you deserve.  We promise to focus our energy and resources to achieve the help you need to make you happy in your car buying experience.  We work hard but we never take for granted that you are trusting us to help you.  We are glad you are here and we want a relationship that will last a lifetime.  We appreciate YOU!

You will have FUN! 
We like "Different" and that can be FUN!  Number One Auto is committed to a FUN buying experience for YOU!  If we can make car buying fun again, then you won't have to be stressed during the process.  Think about it, happiness and laughter are signs of our enjoyment of being at work.  It makes our work fun and we hope it helps people like you smile a little in the process.  We want you to feel great about your vehicle and remember how fun it can be as well.

The Dealer For YOU!

The Dealer For YOU!

What is "The Dealer For YOU!"?

Number One Auto is the Dealer For YOU!  And that means you have a choice to buy a car, truck, or SUV from people who care about you instead of themselves first.  It really is that simple.  Some dealers say they are "there for you" in their typical ads but we like to BLAST it out and make sure YOU understand the difference between 'saying it' and 'LIVING IT'!  We are THEE Dealer in central West Virginia that is here truly for YOU! 

We believe everyone deserves to own and drive a better vehicle.  Our experts are here for the purpose of helping YOU achieve your goals in buying a better vehicle.  Plus, we offer a better all-around experience that is fair, fun, and rewarding in ways no other dealer will offer YOU:

Free 90 day warranty... for YOU!

Free Inspections... for YOU!

Free coffee... for YOU! 

The best financing options in the nation... for YOU!

A FUN atmosphere with friendly people... for YOU!

Expert mechanical advice and experience... for YOU!

Variety of budget solutions to choose from... for YOU! 

Solutions Experts that are here to help... for YOU! 

Free advice... for YOU! 

Extended protection plans... for YOU! 

Our respect and appreciation... for YOU! 

Finally, an invitation for YOU! to join our happy and growing family!

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